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The Electronic Structure of A3SbS3 with (A = Tl; Ag)


We focus our study to determine the electronic properties of Ag3SbS3 and Tl3SbS3. We use the tight binding method based on Harrison model in order to evaluate the energy gaps, the band structure and the density of states. Ag3SbS3 and Tl3SbS3 are the best candidates that have a very specific energy gap. We explain the role played by Tl and Ag for this category of compounds Ag3SbS3.




Cluster Based Intrusion Detection Architecture of Wireless Sensor Networks For Real Time Monitoring of Oil & Gas Flow Rate

Ayuba John1*, John Adomokhai Igimoh2

This work is aimed at a proposed design of cluster base intrusion detection architecture of wireless sensor networks for real-time monitoring of oil and gas flow rate. The vital factor in any given wireless sensor network (WSN) is the issue of security, because wireless sensor network have a central data without a specific identification (ID) associated with sensor node...


Opinion Article

Smart phones and surveillance methods

Christos Beretas*1

I decided to touch on a sensitive issue, so topical and important, which is about everyday life of all of us, I am talking about the smart phones, small smart phones, these small but powerful computers that everybody use them every day by doing more internet browsing rather than doing calls.



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